Bingo is beautiful. Bingo is brash. Bingo is big business. But if you want to sit down and strike off those numbers where exactly do you go?

There are two different formats for you to choose from. You can grab your brolly, head out into the cold, rainy evening and head to the local bingo hall. Alternatively, you can grab a cup of Horlicks, chuck on those slippers and find a site online like

If you are playing in the real world, then your geography will determine where you can play. Most towns and cities have at least one bingo hall, and your local pubs and clubs usually have a game on a Saturday night, before the DJ pulls out his collection of old vinyl. The local casinos may also have bingo nights, or games of keno on offer.
If you don’t like to get marker ingrained in the skin of your thumb, then head to the Bingo Reviewer to find the best online sites. They have a forum for players to voice their honest appraisals of the sites that are available online. An impartial view is always a good view.

You should always keep your retina peeled for the sites that are offering the best bonuses. Free money should never be frowned upon. There will be special sign up bonuses and also the opportunity to be given an extended bankroll to begin your bingo career.

Whether you choose to trundle down to the local bingo hall, or play online, the fact remains the same: you are never short of a game. There are always plenty of games available so dip in your toe before you get your feet wet. Take advantage of the sites with the best deposit offers and eventually you will find a site that you can call your home.