With a growing numbers of sites like Jackpotjoy offering online bingo around the clock, bingo fans are switching from the traditional bingo hall to the internet to find out if today’s they’re lucky day. Over the years, bingo players have used a range of tips and tricks, ranging from lucky mascots to complex mathematical strategies, to try and boost their bingo winning power.

Now that so many of us play online, we’re here to give you a rundown of the top tips you can use to increase your winning chances and payout the next time you play your favourite game via the internet.

Progressive Games

Major sites that attract millions of players worldwide like Jackpotjoy increasingly offer progressive bingo games. Progressive jackpots work by taking a portion of every player’s ticket money and adding it directly to the cash prize fund. This means that the jackpot keeps on growing, until one lucky player gets a full house and scoops the lot. If you’re looking to win big at bingo, you can boost your potential prize payout by looking out for progressive games where lots of players are online. Opt for the busiest games and you’ll find prize jackpots progressing into the hundreds of thousands of pounds!

Rewards and Bonuses

Online bingo halls can offer bonus and reward programmes that you won’t find at your local bingo hall. Some will give you extra playing money every time you top up your deposit, while others give regular players the chance to enter special competitions and prize draws for holidays, free games and more. Look out for sites like Jackpotjoy that reward you for referring a friend too – at the moment you’ll receive £20 to play with every time you refer a friend who signs up and makes a deposit, making playing your favourite game with your closest friends even more rewarding.

Card Selection

Many sites allow you to choose your own cards online. This gives you total control over the cards you choose. While some players favour cards that feature their own lucky numbers, mathematical bingo strategist Joseph Granville recommends choosing cards with a wide a spread of high, low, even and odd numbers as possible to increase your chance of completing a winning card.

Bingo Variants

Another advantage of playing online is that you’ll find a far wider selection of bingo game variants to play than you will at a bricks and mortar bingo hall. While all bingo games save their biggest payouts for players that are lucky enough to complete a full house, you’ll find plenty of bingo variants that still payout when you complete a single line or particular pattern on your cards as well. Look out for these fun bingo variants, and you’ll have even more chances to win.

Opt for Auto Daub

Online bingo halls often feature an Auto Daub option. This means that as you play, your cards are automatically marked off for you as each number is called. When you play manually at your local bingo hall, there’s always the chance that you’ll miss a number being called due to distractions, and you’ll be limited as to the number of cards you feel comfortable playing with. By selecting Auto Daub online, you’ll be able to play with even more lucky cards at once, safe in the knowledge that you’ll never miss a lucky number or mistakenly mark off an incorrect number.